While no one can argue with the importance of fitness, the term itself is defined differently by each of us.

For some, it conjures up images of strolling down the beach in our tiniest bikinis, our bodies tight and toned, all eyes on us.

For others, fitness is more about the physical ability to run, hike, participate in our favorite sports and activities, or just keep up with our kids.

For yet others, being fit is synonymous with being healthy, warding off possibility of any hereditary diseases, and maintaining this health well into old age.

Over the many years I’ve spent working with men and women from different walks of life, I’ve come to understand that every single goal you can set for yourself is absolutely as important as any goal set by anyone else.

This means that whether you’ve got ten pounds of fat to lose in order to reach your ideal weight, ten pounds of muscle to gain in order to look your best in a physique competition, or a hundred pounds to lose in order to regain your health and independence… each of these is of equal importance as each one leads to the same basic goal:

Your ultimate happiness with yourself.

I am a certified fitness trainer with years of extensive experience in the field, having coached all types of individuals with a multitude of personal goals. Currently, my coaching is focused around remote personal training primarily utilizing the internet.

My current Fitness Training certifications are as follows:

  • Certified Elite Personal Trainer
  • Certified Youth and Senior Fitness Coach
  • Certified in Exercise and Fitness Therapy
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Certified Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Specialist

My specialties include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

  • Physique competition preparation.
  • Fat loss for the obese and physically handicapped.
  • Clients with diabetes.
  • Fit pregnancy and postpartum fat loss.
  • Fitness with hormonal imbalances, fluctuations, and changes.

Please note that while true physical fitness may only be achieved with consistent training, proper nutrition is of even greater importance in obtaining and maintaining optimal health, body composition, and overall increased quality of life.

For more information about the nutritional services offered by me, please check out this page.

To inquire about Olesya’s fitness-related services, please email her Executive Assistant, Matt, and her team will get back to you as soon as possible.