Out of the thousands of speakers from which you can choose for your next event, there is only one with the experience, knowledge, friendliness, and sincerity of Olesya Novik. Leading the way to empower women, her purpose and wisdom speak to every type of audience on a large scale.

Olesya is available for speaking engagements on a very limited basis and is usually booked up to a year in advance. Olesya especially loves to speak for small business owners, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, local chapters, corporations, associations, public seminars and loves to lead customized immersion days of in-house training.  She is comfortable speaking in front of audiences as few as five and as many as 5,000. Please contact Olesya for further details.

Presentations That Educate, Inspire Change, and Motivate For Success

Through charismatic, energizing and and effective sessions, Olesya draws on her personal experiences and determination to connect with audiences and present those must-have elements that encompass her beliefs of true health, happiness, success, and fun in life.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, life and food psychology coach, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, published author and world famous model, Olesya brings tremendous focus, insight, and energy to her presentations. Over the years through which she has been a speaker and coach, Olesya has delivered powerful messages to thousands of clients all over the world. Everyone from corporate professionals to entrepreneurs to housewives and womens support groups have been enlightened and empowered by Olesya’s  knowledge and encouragement.

In every seminar, Olesya draws upon her personal achievements, wisdom, and know-how together with industry facts, information, and published studies to help everyone in her audience both recognize the directed message on an emotional level, and justify the need to change behaviors. They leave feeling transformed and ultimately modify their plans of action, now equipped with the proper tools and mindset to achieve their respective goals.

If you’re interested in having Olesya speak at your next event, please email her Executive Assistant, Matt, with the following six points regarding your event, and her team will get back to you as soon as possible:

  1. Type of speaking engagement: paid keynote, breakout session, panel, multiple speakers with offers, paid training, other
  2. Theme & title of event
  3. Date & location of event
  4. Audience demographics & size
  5. Link to sales page if any
  6. List of other speakers


Speaking Topics Include but are not Limited to the Following:

Achievement and Peak Performance
Overcoming Adversity
Inspiration and Motivation
Emotional Intelligence
Homeopathy in Modern Medicine
Role of Nutrition in Disease Prevention and Management
Sports Nutrition
Food Addiction and Emotional Eating
Psychology of Food
Physical Health through Fitness
Training with Injuries
Athletic Performance and Sports Training
Physique Competition Preparation