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Olesya... feeling on top of the world taking the 1st place trophy!
Olesya... feeling on top of the world taking the 1st place trophy!

Bikini and Figure Competition Prep Online Coach:

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Millions of women hope to compete in a physique, bikini, fitness or figure competition yet never accomplish their goal. They either don’t have the drive and the determination, or lack proper guidance from a knowledgeable, professional competition prep coach to accomplish this goal.


YOU are motivated, driven, and WILL LIVE THE DREAM rather than just thinking about it.

How do I know that? I know, because you’re HERE.


My name is Olesya Novik, and I’m a professional competition prep coach.


Why I know my stuff:

  • Experience working with athletes, fitness and bikini models, and top ranked bikini competitors.
  • Firsthand experience as a figure competitor and published fitness model.
  • Former Editor-in-Chief of a popular female fitness magazine, now running her very own online fitness empire.
  • ISSA certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist.
  • Certified life coach.
  • Published fitness author.



Consider yourself lucky, because now you can have it!

There’s certain information you must know if you’re serious about transforming your body into that of a fitness models’, and changing your life in the process. There’s a reason figure competitors are in better shape than 99% of the population — and successful figure and bikini competitors know TRICKS that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS.

Professional bikini competitors and successful fitness models have experimented with many different diets and training routines, supplements and cardio routines, posing and makeup styles for years and years to find out what works enough to lead to serious success on and off the stage.

You need access to those SECRETS and tips if you will succeed.

BUT, you don’t need to spend years upon years making mistakes to learn all the ropes on your own. You can let someone with many years of experience in both the fitness and beauty industries share these SECRETS and TOP TIPS with you!




Your fitness, figure or bikini competition — whether it’s your first or your tenth — will be an experience to remember. Whether it’s a fun, meaningful experience, or a stressful one that’s detrimental to your health (more on that below), is up to you.

Hiring an expert bikini coach with specific female physique athlete experience and expertise in the beauty field is the one thing you can do to guarantee that your next show is a WINNING EXPERIENCE all around.

You’ll walk away with more than a trophy. You’ll walk away with an incredible body, great health, and the knowledge to maintain both for years to come!

You’ll gain CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM through this experience. You’ll feel on TOP OF THE WORLD like Sousan Collias in the video below. If she could do it, so can YOU!


Did you know that the majority of seemingly healthy and vibrant figure, fitness, and bikini competitors walk away from their competitions SICK, with DESTRUCTIVE EATING DISORDERS?

It’s the dirty truth that’s not readily discussed as most competitors feel ashamed to say that they have destructive diet habits or are not actually the image of perfect health like they appear.



The majority of coaches out there do NOT understand how the female body functions. They completely disregard a woman’s natural rhythms, they destroy her health as they have her do hours upon hours of cardio, as she follows a starvation diet.

Anyone can “get in shape” that way!

But what happens once you step off the stage with a ruined metabolism and emotional issues that will last you a life time? What happens when you begin to gain weight because you don’t know how to begin living a less restrictive lifestyle, how to back off the hours of cardio?

What happens when you gain 30-40 pounds within just weeks after your show?





I have two specialties in the fitness industry:

  • Figure, bikini, and fitness competition nutritionist, coach, and mentor.

  • Post – figure, bikini, and fitness competition rehabilitation specialist.


That’s right, I REHABILITATE those women who have destroyed their health and bodies with the help of the incompetent coaches described above.

The road to recovery is often long and hard, but it is one that must be endured once you’ve ruined your body’s natural hormonal makeup and ability to respond to the traditional tools.


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Whether your coach had you using drugs to get in shape, or simply had you doing upwards of two hours of cardio daily as you were eating under a thousand calories — your body no longer knows how to function the way nature intended it to.

  • Your emotions are also all over the place due to major hormonal imbalances.
  • Your body image is skewed.
  • Your behavior around food is completely irrational.
  • You have binging behaviors if you’re lucky — and if you aren’t, then you may be purging or on the brink of anorexia.
  • You may be exercising too much and not know how to stop…
  • Or you may have stopped training altogether as you’ve been seeing no results.

You’re feeling lost and confused, as nothing seems to be working.

So you stress, and eating seems to help. And that’s the vicious cycle THOUSANDS upon thousands of competitors fall into each year.






Click here to read this client's story.

She did it, why not you?


It all goes back to the choices you make.

If you decide to go with someone who understands exactly how your female body functions; if you go with the figure coach who has experience rehabilitating those who have been wronged by others, you can NOT go wrong — no matter what your current situation!




Information overload? Too much to learn, too little time?


  • What show should you do? How do you diet for it? What workout routine works best?
  • What supplements should you take? And cardio, how much of it?
  • How about suit selection, cut, styles, colors? And makeup? How do you apply false lashes?
  • Then there’s the tan, the hair, how do you decide what looks best?
  • And what about posing, how do you learn that? And who’ll critique it?



Even if you do succeed at getting in shape, WHO will help you with all the rest of the DETAILS?



  • What happens if you decide to do a shoot to capture the physique you’ve worked so hard to get, how do you find a photographer?
  • Who’s dependable?
  • How do you pose for the camera?
  • And how do you do the makeup for that?






I’ll help you with EVERY aspect of your preparation, including every single detail that no other coach will touch.



  1. Complete diet creation based on your preferences and nutritional support.
  2. Total supplementation guidance.
  3. Training routine created specifically as necessary to build your winning body.
  4. Cardio routine created and adjusted as often as needed.
  5. Perfect peak week created and adjusted with careful supervision.
  6. Help with makeup selection/application.
  7. Guidance with hair styling.
  8. Guidance with posing.
  9. Guidance with tan application.
  10. Emotional support as needed to keep you motivated and help battle any binging tendencies or unhealthy habits.
  11. Photoshoot preparation included in show prep.
  12. Constant feedback on all aspects of any of the above, by phone or email, as frequently as needed — many times each day if necessary.





Not only will you lose fat, gain lean, hard muscle, and look unforgettable on stage — and for years to come — but you’ll also learn a lot about your body, and actually GAIN HEALTH in the process!

You will FEEL AMAZING, be able to lead a normal life, and maintain your LEAN and SEXY body, all year round!


Learn how to be sexy, lean, vibrant into your 50s!

Learn how to be sexy, lean, healthy well into your 50s!


This is NOT a crash prep. This is a lifestyle change.




Ready to take life by the horns?

Ready to be the STAR you’ve always wanted to be, but never took the time to see it through? Ready to change your life once and for all?

Then you’re ready for SUPERIOR COACHING by someone who will help you:

  • Lose fat.

  • Gain lean, beautiful muscle where necessary.

  • Be there for you at all times, for any reason necessary.

  • Work around your individual needs and concerns.

  • Understand your specific female issues, such as emotional eating and varying training abilities surrounding your cycle.



I know you do! That’s why I’m looking forward to helping you change your life, like I’ve helped hundreds before you!



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You take your success seriously, so I realize you don’t need any incentives, but I WANT TO HELP YOU make the first step!


If you contact me now…


You’ll not only have constant access to superior coaching by me, anytime, with the 12 pillars of success outlined above, you’ll also get the following:




YOU, in a fitness magazine?


YES, and I can help you do that!


I’ll help you prepare for that definitive shoot, and tell you exactly how to go about taking EVERY step necessary to appear in fitness magazines!

If she can do it, so can YOU!

If she can do it, so can YOU!





You’ll avoid monotonous eating as I help you put together fast, delicious meals that STILL FIT IN YOUR DIET!


You can still eat delicious meals!


This is one thing NO other coach will ever offer!

I realize that this is a lifestyle for you, and I want to see you succeed, I will help you avoid diet boredom!

These two bonuses alone are enough to change your life, and they’re completely free of charge when you sign up for a 12 or 16-week show preparation package!



Together, we will create the sexiest, leanest, healthiest, and happiest YOU possible.

Looking forward to making YOU a STAR

in every sense of the word!



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