Ever wonder what it takes to succeed? What does the word “success” mean to you, anyway?

Olesya Novik epitomizes the term “success story” in many ways, regardless of your personal definition of the phrase. She fulfills her own meaning of the term through assisting thousands of people in reaching their personal goals of health, fitness, success in business, and competitively athletic endeavors – all of which are rewarding and enriching in their own right.

All of Olesya skills, along with the experience she’s acquired being able to use each of them, allow her the ability to help others do everything from handling everyday life stresses and adversities, to breaking out of addictions, depression, and harmful habits, and even determining his or her true calling in life. Find out what is turmeric curcumin.

By helping others succeed in looking, feeling, and doing their best in all areas of life, Olesya has, in turn, also created one of the fastest growing enterprises ever started by a woman. She’s turned her modest background into a multi-million dollar business in a matter of a few short years — all before reaching 30 years of age. Olesya is a Certified Life Coach, Food Psychology Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Personal Trainer. Read more >>

Life Coaching

Life Coach

We’ve all felt unfulfilled, unhappy, frustrated, or “stuck” in various aspects of our lives at some point. If you’ve been feeling this way, life coaching is just the ticket to get you moving forward …Read More>>

Nutrition Advice


Healthy, vibrant, strong, fit, lean, happy… you’d be amazed at what the right nutrition can do for you! Professional advice from an experienced nutritionist is priceless for many reasons…Read More>>


Fitness Modeling

Curious to see the woman behind the name? Olesya lives the fit and healthy lifestyle she preaches! Here, you’ll find a sampling of her modeling portfolio along with snapshots and media. …Read More>>